Your 5 STARS CHECKLIST to be ready for the engagement season

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Thanksgiving just happened and, even if it’s an American tradition, the engagement season rules the world of Romance. 

More than 70% of the proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentines. 

As we’re now entering this « Holiday-Engagement season » I prepared the 5 Stars Checklist you need to handle to make sure you’ll reach you business goals, and catch your dream client.

Make sure you could print or take some notes + put deadlines in you calendar to make them happened! 

Much L.Ø.V.E.




Your website is definitely an excellent showcase for your brand.
Most of the entrepreneurs forget to update or improve it all year long. 
And I don’t blame you as wearing several caps at the same time is overwhelming.
Make sure to clear this list at earliest then : 
– Your website has to be updated with new photos in your portfolio in the new few days if possible. 
– Place some effort also while implementing your bio / who I am section. You definitely have new power since last time you wrote it, new achievements to share as the wonder planner that you are
– Create a planning of upcoming blog posts. I use « ask the public » to find some new ideas of posts + a combination of what I know from the market. Bonus tip : instead of having your weddings in a portfolio, write an article on the weddings you like most, on the planner prospective. it’s a real game changer for your leads, your clients, and your SEO ^^ 
– Last but not least : make sure you have upgraded your contact process. Make it clear, simple and super efficient! 


Certainly the easiest and fastest ways to have meaningful results.
It’s beyond your lifestyle. It’s your business voice here, and your presence.
Show how active and relevant you are with these below :
– Organize yourself with a daily post program. I personally use and it’s a real game changer on my pro activity and presence online. 
– Make sure your Pinterest is updated as it’s one of the best « tool » for your website’s SEO ranking. (Ooops, don’t blame!)
– Make it fresh and nearly new : putting on top your last features. Make some noise can last long, don’t be shy and embarrassed to put on your social medias’ plate the last « AS SEEN ON »… 
– Lastly, feel free to reuse valuable  content. Dive into your analytics and see what posts worked super well and put it again under the spotlight, with your new words. 


No booking season without a solid plan on your sales! 
– Make sure you well planned your holidays with strict communication with your families, leads, and clients. (work-family balance)
– No secret : be ready for a strong proactive period 
– See online how you could attend to webinars in order to get new inputs on how to upgrade / update your sales process
– Again, last but not least : is my services’ offer still relevant ?. Find courses that could help you or a true mentoring with someone who has proven experience in this. If your offer is no more relevant, even with millions of efforts, nothing could work. 


Exciiiitinng!! As an entrepreneur yourself , I know you love strategies. It’s a very pleasant (yet mandatory, ha!) aspect of our position as wedding-planner-entrepereneurs.
Strategies can lead so far ahead… So to make it very practical at this stage, let me give you some powerful questions you have to be able to answer, without any more hesitations after you’ve been able to work on what follow :
– How many weddings do I need to still book to have an amazing and profitable 2022 season ?
– Am I aligned with the work to achieve with this sales’ goals ?
– Am I ready to give as many time as leads and clients need on this very specific season of the year ?


I loooove to invest. Don’t you? With one month ahead to close the year, I could not help without sharing a glimpse of my investment vision for this time of the year :

– For the last month of the year : where should I still invest if I still have some budget for this ?

Never save money on your annual budget. As for an example, I finally took time to join Belief Wedding Creators as my girl friend Giovanna is doing an incredible work all around the globe for hundreds and thousands  of planners.

It was finally the time for me to join even if I never sign to any communities (am I shy?) , but I know it’s worth it, each pennies spent.  (and it’s not a big amount anyway). I use then this last month top make sure I achieved all my annual investment targets. Thats’ one of the best strategy ever for my business, for years! 

So overwhelming but all aligned you’ll achieve this greatly! 
Step by step.
Go back to each points listed above and make sure you accomplish each of them. 
Be ready! 
2022 will still be a very tough year : and you have now many points to rule to know down your next wealthy  business and healthy lifestyle! 
Be bold – go high – big is essential! 
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Muriel Saldalamacchia is aninternationally acclaimed wedding planner who provides an unsurpassed guest experience to a discerning clientele in search of excellence. With her taste for aesthetics and creative experiences, she has been providing unique wedding experiences in Europe since 2008. 

Muriel has also leveraged her experience while running two successful businesses and working alongside other wedding planners. TheMuriel Saldalamacchia brand also offers professional training courses, effective masterclasses, and technical workshops.

 She is always dealing with business processes/methods to develop a profitable and remarkable business with clients as part of the process. In 2012, she launched Label Mariage, which gathers every wedding professionals who want to follow a quality guide and ethical guide on their work and services.

In 2010, she created the campaign to fight for gays to have legal rights for marriage in France: Liber-gay | Égali-gay | Fraterni-Gay.

Due to her wide experience as a specialist in the romance industry (wedding & tourism), Muriel has been a speaker at international conferences around the world: Canada, the USA, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Muriel was an international judge for WPIC Awards (Canada) + International Wedding Judge also for the International Wedding Awards (Torino – Italy).

In 2020, during the pandemics, she has launched the book  « The Anti-Ghosting Method: 10 mistakes to avoid making when a prospect contacts you« .

Also, she created the 1st France Wedding-Planner’s Syndicate last year.



©Photo by Gianni di Natale

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  1. I’m beyond grateful for your reading!
    I always make my topics relevant for me as I bet it will be also relevant to my planners community as well!

  2. A 5 star check-list…you couldn’t name it better! Thank you for this mini-workshop Muriel! This is gold! <3

  3. You’re my gasoline :-)
    I’m grateful for you and your loyalty since we met. 2021 is def a great year <3

  4. Quel plan d’actions merveilleux ! Je n’ai jamais vu cela ailleurs pour les wedding-planners.

    Ce n’est pas qu’un article mais un vrai plan de marche, ma liste de tâches du mois va s’agrandir ppur le bien du developpement de mon entreprise (eh oui, la todo n’est pas réservée qu’aux clients)


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