Stay true to your brand!

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In a time on competition is tough and media coverage is wide, no need to say that we have to work so much harder on our branding. 

Also, clients today take time to stalk.


They will stalk and will cross-reference all available information regarding your company and what you’re producing, who you are!

Here’s my toolbox on how to stay true to my brand

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1 | Be true with your own story

Storytelling is marketing key in 2021.

More than ever.

And your story as an entrepreneur, as a business founder is your DNA. 

Don’t invent who you’re not. Y

ou have so much better to relate who you truly are.

There’s no hazard.

Your position today had been lead by your personal story.

Be proud of your story, and you will be true with your story! I personally worked years ago on what make me happy. I looked back and made a kind of introspection. This is how I choose my carrer as a planner and an entrepreneur in 2008. I wanted to share and make the people happy. And it was only few short years later that I wanted to help my peers as in France the wedding-planning market was a kind of no mans land, ha! I was convinced if we were all good planners, greatly and regularly trained, with an access to the good informations, and good ressources, we would be more preferment and so clients finally envisage our job as  a necessity for them. 

2| Stay focus on when you’re going to with your brand

You need to get a vision.

Whatever you’re a small or big company, staying focus on the path you chose is an absolute necessity if you intend to perpetuate the meanings and purpose of your branding.

You can’t change this every single morning for sure.

I strongly believe this point is the easiest to follow.

This is your vision who’s leading you!

Staying focus on your path and you are guaranteed to get benefits of this powerful virtuous circle.

3| Be sincere with your intentions to your clients. 

As a planner, we spend months aside our clients.

When building your brand and set you the way you envision your storytelling, keep in mind to be true and so sincere in any of your choices.

Your clients came to you via your website, or you social media, or word of mouth. 

Be sincere from the very first second as behaviour and facts never lies.

  • Don’t promise to be a team if you work alone.
  • Don’t promise to be available 24/7 if you intend to have comfortable family life, don’t say you know an area if you never set foot there.

4| Stay true in adversity.

Competition is sane.

It’s part of your fuel and motivations to improve your services, as much as your clients feedbacks. 

More over, having competition is the only way to have a healthy market, whatever it is a mass market on you’re on a niche market.

Having competitors means there is business to have.

Staying true in adversity means you can’t invent yourself skills you don’t have, you didn’t develop.

Don’t pretend to do same if not the case.

Bear in mind your competitors respect you.

And if they don’t, play the game!

Clients can’t be tricked so much they put time in their planner researches. 

5| Stay true in your relationships with all things media.

No matter you like it or not, social medias are everything today.

Some might find it fun, some find it like a nightmare. 

You can’t fight against a whole generation of couples that make the rules today.

I am 100% convinced social media are real life.

Just because I am true in my relationships with it.

I only post and share who I am, what I really do. Look at me here.

I share with you on what works for me and how you could also deal with success with this topic today.

In addition to be a key to reach your dream clients,  staying true in your relationships is super relaxing.

No game to play.

No cheats to remember and to stick to!

Just be yourself, as sincere as reliable.

Stay true in your relationships with all things media is one the 5 keys to stay true to your brand! 

Work on your strengths when building your brand. 

Stay true to your brand and you’ll succeed.

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Muriel Saldalamacchia is aninternationally acclaimed wedding planner who provides an unsurpassed guest experience to a discerning clientele in search of excellence. With her taste for aesthetics and creative experiences, she has been providing unique wedding experiences in Europe since 2008. 

Muriel has also leveraged her experience while running two successful businesses and working alongside other wedding planners. TheMuriel Saldalamacchia brand also offers professional training courses, effective masterclasses, and technical workshops.

 She is always dealing with business processes/methods to develop a profitable and remarkable business with clients as part of the process. In 2012, she launched Label Mariage, which gathers every wedding professionals who want to follow a quality guide and ethical guide on their work and services.

In 2010, she created the campaign to fight for gays to have legal rights for marriage in France: Liber-gay | Égali-gay | Fraterni-Gay.

Due to her wide experience as a specialist in the romance industry (wedding & tourism), Muriel has been a speaker at international conferences around the world: Canada, the USA, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Muriel was an international judge for WPIC Awards (Canada) + International Wedding Judge also for the International Wedding Awards (Torino – Italy).

In 2020, during the pandemics, she has launched the book  « The Anti-Ghosting Method: 10 mistakes to avoid making when a prospect contacts you« .

Also, she created the 1st France Wedding-Planner’s Syndicate last year.



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