Avoid 5 recurring no-no’s 85% of destination wedding-planners do

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Avoid 5 recurring no-no’s 85% of destination wedding-planners do

(and literally kill their business)


It is a standard practice for all entrepreneurs to improve their sales skills. 

☆ In the specific wedding industry, it is a commun thing also that women become entrepreneur because they are passionate. Passionate to flowers.. passionate to plan.. passionate to design. Yup! But that’s a fail to only envisage your business. Too rare are entrepreneurs passionate because they are like a Swiss Army knife of superpowers. Wait, it’s not true.

☆ On all the planners i have been lucky to train and mentor those past 8 years, the majority of them have gaps in sales technics. And it is super super sad!

☆I know so many great wedding-planners that are greatly organized, that have great ideas and capacity to handle with big challenges. But sadly… they don’t have enough clients.

☆Why?Because they are bad at selling! 

Here you go: these are the

TOP 5 recurring mistakes

to avoid and then to be able to be better sales person, from now.


⓵ | Talking without having exchanges. That is to say: discussion!

⓶ | Using technicals words. So boring. Your millennial clients want simple explanations. 

⓷ | Ensuring constant attention. Come on.. You’re not there to shine. Your clients-to-be have to be your only focus of attention!

⓸| Sugarcoating the truth. You will pay it sooner or later.

⓹ | Being overrunning. Please, hold your row! One of your mission is to be as discret as efficient.

☆ Ready to work on those? How would you train yourself on this? 

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Muriel Saldalamacchia is an internationally acclaimed wedding planner who provides an unsurpassed guest experience to a discerning clientele in search of excellence. With her taste for aesthetics and creative experiences, she has been providing unique wedding experiences in Europe since 2008. 

Muriel has also leveraged her experience while running two successful businesses and working alongside other wedding planners. The Muriel Saldalamacchia brand also offers professional training courses, effective masterclasses, and technical workshops.

 She is always dealing with business processes/methods to develop a profitable and remarkable business with clients as part of the process. In 2012, she launched Label Mariage, which gathers every wedding professionals who want to follow a quality guide and ethical guide on their work and services.

In 2010, she created the campaign to fight for gays to have legal rights for marriage in France: Liber-gay | Égali-gay | Fraterni-Gay.

Due to her wide experience as a specialist in the romance industry (wedding & tourism), Muriel has been a speaker at international conferences around the world: Canada, the USA, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Muriel was an international judge for WPIC Awards (Canada) + International Wedding Judge also for the International Wedding Awards (Torino – Italy).

In 2020, during the pandemics, she has launched the book  « The Anti-Ghosting Method: 10 mistakes to avoid making when a prospect contacts you« .

Also, she created the 1st France Wedding-Planner’s Syndicate last year.

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